Building a Life Worth Living

Our video failed to record but here are the highlights from Matt 7:21-23 and Matt 5:17-23


Week 1 - Sermon on the Mount.

We are not a try harder church.

We are a train together to become more like Jesus church.

It is hard to escape the “try harder” view 

WARNING: If you read Sermon on the Mount through the lens “trying harder” you will leave feeling worse about yourself and relation to God.  

If you do read it through the lens of transformation and apply this text to your heart, soul, and mind it has the power to change everything about your life for the better.  

Rabbi Jesus, teaches things in terms of training together.  

Transformation is a process.

As we train together. 

• Moving into the Jesus way at first will feel New. (Tricky)  

• Then it will start to feel normal. (Like, oh I think this is how God intended it to be.) 

• Then it becomes Second Nature.  

We tend to read the Bible through the lens of transaction and justifying ourselves (trying harder).

• When the NT talks about justification. It tends to be in terms of God justifying his inclusion of us by his faithfulness to us. (Not the other way around.)  

A disciple is someone who knows God’s salvation because she knows God’s ways.  

Obedience must surpass the religious experts. This is only possible if you are following Jesus, precisely because a disciples relationship is one of training to be like Jesus under the grace of Jesus. (not trying harder)

Jesus reshapes how we read the Bible here in light of himself.

• Anyone who follows Jesus will not be bound by the law or a code of ethics, but their life will actually be transformed beyond anything the law could accomplish on its on. 

We have a tendency to take a law and replace it with another law.  

Jesus is reshaping how we see everything in light of who he is and what he has come to accomplish.

Anyone who follows the way of Jesus will be transformed beyond anything we could accomplish by trying harder.

That’s the good news.